Get ready to Race some Tractors in AgRacer for Android

Get ready to Race some Tractors in AgRacer for Android

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There are hundreds of racing games out there, but how many let you race a tractor? The answer is one, and it goes by the name of AgRacer from Fastlane & AgRacer LLC.I’ll start by saying I’ve been hooked on racing games since Grand Turismo, but I’m very picky about racing games so I don’t try out all that many new ones. Racing Tractors is something I’ve only seen on the back roads (and back yards) locally, so doing it on an Android device definitely got my attention as it’s much safer. AgRacer lets you hit the track at Farmers’ Field in one of 7 different “tractors” that range from your average lawn mower to skid steers and massive combines. As this is a farm-based game you’ll see your share of chickens and cows on the track, and if you nail any you’ll lose a few points. Steering your tractor is done through the tilt controls; to steer you simply need to tilt your phone, braking/reverse is done by touching the left side of the screen and the gas is on the right. There are power-ups and a several different tractors to use, but I only noticed one track which seems sort of odd as it is a racing game.


AgRacer seems like a fun little racing game, and I believe it’s a game a lot of folks will enjoy… especially if you’re into yard tractors or farming. As mentioned, I was a little surprised that there’s only one track, but I’m sure more are on the way. I would also like to see an option for some on-screen controls in the future as well; some of us still prefer the old school controls over tilting the phone and I feel like that should always be an option. Either way, AgRacer looks to be a solid title, and it’s definitely a game to keep an eye on in the future. You can pick up Fastlane’s AgRacer for free on Google Play.


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