Geek Out with these 5 cool Android Apps

Geek Out with these 5 cool Android Apps


Geek, Nerd, Dork. Those words used to be a social death sentence, especially in the 80s when the NES was on the rise. That’s no longer the case as now being a Geek is considered quite chic which brings us to our list of 5 killer apps that bring out the true Geek in you.

1. Heart Container Battery Meter

If you’re a true retro geek you immediately know what the words “heart container” mean, and you’ll be thrilled with the Heart Container Battery Meter for Android. Luke use the Triforce is responsible for the masterpiece of geekery and there’s even a free version to try. There’s also a free version of the app that gives you a few tweakable settings for only a buck. You can find both versions of Heart Container Battery Meter on Google Play.

2. Retro NES / 8-bit Ringtones

33 ringtones and all of them will blow your geeky little mind. How’s that for cutting to the chase? The Retro NES / 8-bit Ringtone app has a slew of retro tunes for your phone including Blades of Steel, Duck Hunt, Galaga, Ghostbusters, and California Games just to name a few. You’re not going to get any more retro than this, and you can have it all for only $0.99.

3. Nerdstalgia

Nerdstalgia is a very cool app from 5013 that lets you spice up your boring old pictures with a few block pixels. The app actually lets you view the world through retro gaming systems like the Commodore 64, Hercules, and Gameboy. Got to try this one out on a friends phone last month and it was a lot of fun to fool around with. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free version of the app, but you can pick up the full version for $1.55.

4. D20 Battery Meter

Yes it’s another Battery Meter, and it’s also the second one from Luke, Use the Triforce. Why? Because the D20 battery meter kicks ass, and it’s just as cool as it’s makers moniker. If you don’t know what a 20 sided die is you’re obviously not very geeky, and if you’ve actually used one before gaming you’ll have to get this widget. The D20 Battery Meter can be all yours for the low price of free on Google Play.

5. Ultimate Geek Soundboard

No geeky list would be complete without a cool soundboard, and if you’re looking for a good one look no further than the Ultimate Geek Soundboard from iGs Ivan Martinez. The soundboard has over 90 sounds including Fatality, Super Mario, Metal Gear, This is Sparta, Chewbacca, and Falcon Punch. You can set the sounds as ringtones, notifications and alarms or share them through Bluetooth, Whatsapp, or Gmail. I’ve had this one installed since it came out, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. You can pick up the Ultimate Geek Soundboard for free on Google Play.

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