Gamistry’s New Physics Puzzler Munch Time hits Google Play

Gamistry’s New Physics Puzzler Munch Time hits Google Play


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We all know that chameleons have sticky tongues, but you’ll find out just how stick in a new Android game called Munch Time from Gamistry. Can you help the little acrobatic chameleon munch his way through the colorful worlds?

Munch Time puts you in the role of Munch the chameleon, and munch is very hungry. He enjoys eating flowers and bugs among other things and has a very sticky tongue. You can make much walk by simply tapping on the screen, but he can’t jump so you’ll have to use his tongue to sling yourself through each colorful stage. Every stage will have flowers, and you can touch one of those to send your tongue towards it. The stage is over when you eat the all the bugs, but you’ll also want to collect stars as you go for the perfect score. The flowers can help or hinder you as you zip through the levels; some flowers open and close will only open if you change yourself to the right color by eating a fly… he is a chameleon after all. Munch Time offers up 80+ levels spread across 4 different themes and the puzzles definitely get trickier as you progress through the game as there are a lot of different types of flowers out there.


Munch Time is a fun new physics-based game that’s definitely worth a look. If you enjoy games like Cut the Rope you’ll feel right at home in the world of Munch; it’s also a game that’s family friendly so kids and adults can both enjoy it. The free version of Munch Time gives you around 40 levels to try while the full version gives you 80+ for only $1.05. You can find both versions of Gamistry’s Munch Time on Google Play.

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