Gameloft releases side-scrolling Men In Black 3 Video Game

Gameloft releases side-scrolling Men In Black 3 Video Game


Gameloft released a trailer about the upcoming Men in Black III video game a few days ago, and it looks like it’s finally out… kind of. It seems as if Gameloft is releasing two versions of the game as this one looks to be a side-scrolling adventure game in the vein of The Avengers Movie game.

This version of the Men In Black 3 game lets you play Agent J, and lets you fight aliens across many different locations in present day and back in 1969 just like in the upcoming movie. You’ll have a wide array of weapons to use (noisy cricket included) as you fight at places like Coney Island, Manhattan, and the MIB headquarters. They also state that there will be dozens of aliens faithfully recreated from the MIB universe; I have no idea who we’ll see, but as a fan I’m hoping to see Frank the Pug if nothing else.


To be honest, I know next to nothing about this game and didn’t even know it existed until this morning as I was expecting the other version of the game. I personally haven’t tried this one, but it seems to be available on a wide variety of devices if you want to give it a run. You can check for device compatibility at the link below, and if you get  match you can pick up the Men In Black 3 game for $2.99.

Gameloft – Men in Black 3

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