Game Boss releases Ninja Defender for Android

Game Boss releases Ninja Defender for Android


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Everyone loves Ninjas. Well maybe not the people on the receiving end of their wrath, but everyone else dig’s them. If you like Ninja’s and throwing stars in particular there’s a new Android game called Ninja Defender from The Game Boss you’ll want to check out.Ninja Defender isn’t really a “defense” game as the title might lead you to believe, but an offensive game where you’ll fling Chinese stars at evil enemy ninjas. You basically fire a throwing star with your finger by swiping in the direction of the ninja you want to take out. You’re given a certain number of throwing stars per level, and have to kill all the ninja’s to move on. There are 3 episodes in Ninja Defender with 20 levels in each episode and 60 episodes in all. There are no extras to speak of, but they do have high score tables listed as coming soon.

Ninja Defender is a cool quick play game, but it does have a few things holding it back from being great. They physics are ok for the most part, but could use a little tightening up. You’re also going to get hit with the Hey Zap push notification, and some on-screen ads during gameplay although you can click to remove the ads. Ninja Defender is still a solid game and worth a look if you enjoy quick play games or ninjas. You can check it out for yourself on Google Play for the low price of free.

Ninja Defender

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