Flip a Few Franks in Bush Hot Dog for Android

Flip a Few Franks in Bush Hot Dog for Android


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George Walker Bush has been known for a lot of things including being our President. Well thanks to Bush Hot Dog from Billiongamee you get to see our ex-president in a whole new light as a Hot Dog Vendor…

Bush Hot Dog is a time management game that puts you to work making Hot Dogs in different parts of New York City. The gameplay is similar to Diner Dash where you’ll basically take orders and serve up customers as quickly as possible. As you progress through the game more items will be added to you food cart, and you’ll also have to start having to keep an eye out for thieves; if you see someone quickly move away after getting their food you’ll want to click on them to collect before they get away. Bush Hot Dog lets you sell dawgs’ in 5 different locales ranging from the Bronx to Wall Street, and the developers have stated there’s a “surprise” location thrown in as well. I have no idea what it is, but am hoping we’ll see good old GW selling them overseas or at least in Texas.


Hot Dog Bush is a simple game, but quite a bit of fun with its quirky graphics and quick gameplay. It’s also pretty deep considering as well considering you have to work your way through the week at each location. That being said, the controls could use a little fine tuning as it’s difficult to select the right thing at times, but it’s Bush selling Hot Dogs not Angry Birds Heikki so I can live with it. If you want to sell a few Hot Dogs you can pick up Hot Dog Bush on Google Play for free.

Hot Dog Bush

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