Electronic Arts releases Mass Effect Infiltrator for Android

Electronic Arts releases Mass Effect Infiltrator for Android


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EA dropped a nice surprise last evening when they released Mass Effect Infiltrator for Android. If you follow the company you know their Android releases can be hit or miss, and a game from the Mass Effect franchise isn’t something you want to screw up.

Mass Effect Infiltrator puts you in the role of veteran Cerberus agent Randal Anzo. You’ve infiltrated the enemy, stolen some secrets, and now you have to fight your way out of the hostile base. Basically the game is a slick looking run-n-gun game, and it’s been a total blast to play so far. As you move through the massive base you’ll encounter enemies at every turn, and you can mow them down with a full array of high-tech weapons and armor. Get a little too close to an enemy?  Not an issue, just use your “forceful” melee attack to back them up a bit… then blast them to nothing with the shotgun. Mass Effect Infiltrator seems to be a fairly deep game as well; I’m a little unsure of the final level count, but there are 9 Chapters with checkpoints that rank you as you go. If you play Mass Effect 3 you’re in luck as you can upload any valuable intel you find in Mass Effect Infiltrator to Galaxy at war to raise your Galactic Readiness Rating.


While I’m still just scratching the surface of the game, I’m love what Mass Effect Infiltrator has showed me so far. The game looks AWESOME on my tablet and it looks like EA may have knocked it out of the park with this one. There isn’t a free version available, and the full version of Mass Effect Infiltrator is a little steep coming in at $7.01. So far, it’s been well worth the price but check back in a week and I’ll let you know if I still feel that way after I smash through the game. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Electronic Arts Mass Effect Infiltrator on Google Play.

Mass Effect Infiltrator

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