Change Light into Dark with Offswitch for Android

Change Light into Dark with Offswitch for Android


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Offswitch is a new Android Game from The Offswitch Project that plays with shadows…literally. You play a hero known as Shadow Jones and your job is to shave Shadowland by defeating light demons and absorbing your enemies.

Offswitch is a platformer that takes place in a shadowy world full of light creatures. You’re Shadow Jones who obviously digs the dark so you’ll want to stay away from anything that’s white including enemies and spikes… lots and lots of spikes. Offswitch would just be another platformer if all you had to do was run and jump over enemies, but Offswitch steps things up a notch by letting you flip switches to turn your enemies off. When you flick a switch some white enemies will become black and when you kill them you’ll absorb them along with any powers they may have. Would you rather jump or absorb a dragon and just use their wings? Needless to say the whole switch flipping thing is very cool and definitely different.


The demo version of Offswitch lets you check out the entire first world and the team behind the game is working on more levels, and enemies for the full release.  I definitely liked what I saw in the demo, and am looking forward to seeing more of Shadowland and Shadow Jones in the near future. If you enjoy a good tricky platformer you should definitely check out Offswitch on Google Play.

Offswitch Demo
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