Bloobuzz Studio’s Gobber Ninja swings its way onto Android

Bloobuzz Studio’s Gobber Ninja swings its way onto Android


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Gobber Ninja is a new Android game from Bloobuzz that puts you into the role of a chameleon ninja. Gobber is a master ninja with plenty of tricks, but the only weapon you’ll need is his tongue…

Gobber Ninja is a physics-based game that puts you to work making your way through the levels with only a chameleon’s tongue and your wits. Your job is to collect all the stars in a level and eat any bugs you come across; luckily for us Gobber has a few tricks up his sleeves to get to those tricky stars and tasty bugs. You use your tongue to swing from anchor points, and you can use the swing button to gain momentum once you’re attached. Gobber Ninja’s tongue also sticks to glass which can help you get to some hard to reach places as well. There are 80 levels in all, but you’ll only get to run through some tutorial levels and the first world of 15 in the free version. There aren’t any real extras to speak of; the full version has an expert mode and they did include left-handed setting which is cool if you’re a southpaw.


Gobber Ninja is an awesome android game, especially if you dig physics games. The graphics are cute, and you’re basically fling yourself through the levels like Spiderman, but with your tongue instead of spider webs. I’m just getting into the first world now, but so far it’s been a blast and I plan on picking up the full version of the game. The free version gives you around 25 levels while the full version will only set you back $0.99 for 80 levels of physics fun. If you want to give it a go you can check out Bloobuzz’s Gobber Ninja on Google Play.


Gobber Ninja

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