Away Media brings Gooey Fun to Android with Gloop A Hoop

Away Media brings Gooey Fun to Android with Gloop A Hoop


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Gloop A Hoop is a fun new physics game from Away Media & Freakish Kid Games that lets you shoot Goopy Gloop from a cannon. What’s Gloop you ask? Gloop is a slimy new gelatinous character that’s been hired as a test subject at Gloop Labs. He enjoys pizza, long walks in the park, and being fired into targets at break neck speeds just so we can hear a splat…Your goal in Gloop A Hoop is to fire yourself into the target area of each level, and pick up as many goo balls as you can. It’s a super simple concept and you don’t even have to pick up any goo to progress, you just need to reach the target. The game becomes tricky when you get to the little portals that speed things up or cause to bounce. As of now there is only one area in the game called Welcome to the Lab which contains 25 levels. There is another area called Career Promotion though that is listed as coming soon. There aren’t any extras to speak of, but you get to fire slime from a canon which should be all you need.Verdict

We’ve seen countless physics flingers already this year, but Gloop A Hoop brings a little something new to the table with its cool, cartoonish graphics and quirky gameplay. I did feel like the controls (firing the cannon) were a bit off at times and there a few other small adjustments that need to be made, but for the most part it’s a fun new game and definitely worth a look. You can checkout Away Media’s Gloop A Loop on Google Play for free.

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