NuOxygen releases Monster of Puppets for Android

NuOxygen releases Monster of Puppets for Android


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Monster of Puppets is a cool new Android game from the folks at NuOxygen Srl. The game follows the story of Charlie, a lonely little janitor working nights at a amusement park when things go suddenly awry. Puppets spring to live and it’s up to you to help Charlie beat back evil with his trusty broom…

Monster of Puppets is a “tap & destroy” game that lets you tap, slash and swipe your enemies into oblivion. In this case those enemies are carnival puppets (scary enough in itself) that have been brought to life by alien technology. Your job as Charlie is to destroy the lively puppets, and you’ll encounter a slew of quirky villains like Dracula, Zombies, Robots, and Werewolves just to name a few. Luckily for us the team at NuOxygen is giving us a nice little puppet destroying arsenal to make things a tab bit easier. Bazooka’s, Bombs, Axes, Circular Saws, and Laser Swords are all at your disposal, and you’re going to need them all if you expect to survive the night at the Amusement Park.


Monster of Puppets is a visually stunning game that will wow you with it’s graphics and hook you with it’s gameplay. It’s one of those games that’s easy to pick up and play, but it’s also got depth with 60 levels spanning three different areas. If you enjoy games like Fruit Ninja you’ll definitely want to give this one a look. There is no free version available at this time, but the full version of Monster of Puppets can be yours for only $0.99.

Monster of Puppets



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