Top 10 New Android Games of the Week – April 29, 2012

Top 10 New Android Games of the Week – April 29, 2012


As tomorrow is the last day of the month we know that April’s showers will bring May’s flowers so we’re going to bring you 10 New Android Games to keep you indoors… because that’s how we roll. This week’s list brings a new veg out title from Kariosoft, some Trolls, a chainsaw wielding Princess, and a runaway Gingerbread Man just to name a few. Without further ado, we proudly present The Top 10 New Android Games of The Week April 29th, 2012.

1. Pocket Academy

Kairosoft dropped another hit this week with a little game called Pocket Academy. The game lets you setup a school by hiring teachers, building classrooms, and about a billion other mundane tasks that will suck away all your free time. In other words it’s a lot of fun! There isn’t a free version available yet, but the full version will only set you back $4.99 on Google Play.

2. Pix’n’Love Rush

Pix’n’Love Rush is a new funky retro game from BulkyPix AMA that drops you straight into the 80’s as a quirky little Pixel Cat. The game has vibrant retro graphics, several different modes of play, and more pixels that you can shake a stick at. You can check out Pix’n’Love Rush on Google Play for $1.99.

3. Chainsaw Princess

Not going to say much about this one as you really don’t have to say much when your game is called Chainsaw Princess. It’s a running game similar to Robot Unicorn Attack except for the fact that you’re a Princess that likes to hack her enemies up with a chainsaw. If you’re ready to chainsaw some baddies head on over to Google Play and pick up Chainsaw Princess for $1.99.

4. Oven Break

Can you help the Gingerbread Man escape? That’s the premise behind the very addictive new game from Com2uS called Oven Break. You’re a Gingerbread Man on the run from the evil witch’s magic oven, and you’ll have to run, jump, and slide your way to freedom through different locales. If you don’t want the Gingerbread Man to die alongside a glass of milk, you can pick up Oven Break for free on Google Play.

5. Towers N’ Trolls

Towers N’ Trolls is a new Tower Defense game from Ember Entertainment that involves… you guessed it, Towers and Trolls! The game lets you battle across 8 worlds and 40 different maps as you take on the Trolls to try and save your towers.  It has a lot of depth and cool, stylized graphics that are easy on the eyes.  You can check out Towers N’ Trolls for yourself on Google Play for $2.99.

6.Dark Meadow: The Pact

Tegra owners got a treat this week when Phosphor Games released an awesome looking game called Dark Meadow: The Pact. The game features a deep storyline, gesture-based combat, and jaw dropping graphics. In other words it’s one of those games you’ll want to get just to show off the sheer awesomeness of your device. You can check out Dark Meadow: The Pact for free on Google Play.

7. Tiny Station

Tiny Station is a new Android game from Droidhen that lets you run a tiny gas station and take on all the tasks that go along with it. You’ll get to service 10 types of vehicles, hire employess, and build facilities to suit your needs and keep your customers happy. If you enjoy sims, you’ll definitely like Tiny Station and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

8. Tanks for the Memories

Our oddball game of the week this week is the hilariously, but appropriately titled Tanks for the Memories by Minicore Studios. The game lets you take a tank inside the minds of your patients to face their fears head on… with a tank! You can check out the free version of Tanks for the Memories on Google Play and if ya’ dig it you can get the full version for $0.99.

9. Mos Speedrun

If you like fast-paced retro platformers Mos Speedrun is just the game for you. You’ll get to race, jump, and dodge through 25 funky stages while grabbing coins and avoiding pixely foes at every turn. If ya’ dig 8-bit graphics and the retro games of the 80s you’ll definitely want to pick this one up. You can grab Physmo’s Mos Speedrun for free on Google Play.

10. Monkey King Quest

Monkey King Quest is a quirky little puzzle game from Socosoft that puts in the role of the Monkey King that’s out to save his Master. The game offers 80 levels set across 4 different chapters, and plenty of whacky characters to interactive with. You can check out Monkey King Quest for yourself on Google Play for the low price of free.

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