Take to the Skies with AMA’s Panic Flight for Android

Take to the Skies with AMA’s Panic Flight for Android

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Panic Flight is a killer new game from AMA that puts your reflexes to the test as you try and transport your passengers across some very turbulent skies.  Can you make the trip from Tel Aviv to Athens in your Shark 16? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by jumping into the cockpit and getting down to business with Panic Flight.

The game puts you in charge or an airliner which you’ll control with your finger. Anywhere you move your digit, the plane will follow and it can get very tricky at times as you’ll quickly find out. You’ll need to collect aero coins while trying to avoid gas sucking clouds, tornados, and the occasional UFO. Panic Flight gives gamers 8 unique planes to unlock each with its own features and multiple upgrades. There are also two modes of play with Infinite (endless) Mode and the Solo missions. There are 18 solo missions in all along with some in-game quests and mini-missions.


While I haven’t had a chance to spend a lot of time with Panic Flight yet, from what I’ve seen it seems to be a solid title all the way around. The planes are easy to control and upgradable which adds a little depth to the game; that’s a nice touch as games of this nature usually have little to no depth. There is also a Panic Flight Booster Pack for $4.99 that gives you 300 credits which is more than enough to unlock every plane and mission early. It’s definitely a cool game that we plan on taking a closer look at, if you’d like to check out Panic Flight for yourself you can get it on Google Play for free.

Google Play Link – Panic Flight

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