Swords and Sandals – The Android Game Review
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Swords and Sandals – The Android Game Review

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As promised last week I’m back with my full review of the new Android game known as Swords and Sandals. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first, but after spending a few days playing the game I feel like it’s time to pass judgment just like they did in gladiatorial times. Does Sword and Sandals live up to its name or will it die a painful death by being uninstalled? Read on to find out…


We are going to break Sword and Sandals down into two parts; the Arena and the town. The Arena offers two different types of dueling with Duel (to the pain) and Tournament (to the death). In Duel to the Pain all you need to do is strike the first blow to be declared winner, while Tournament mode lets you fight till the bitter end. The way the actual fighting is done is pretty interesting as it’s all turn-based and requires a bit of strategery to down your opponent. You’re given around 6 different options on the screen that range from defensive with taunt, push, and rest to offensive with strike, smash, and jab. You’ve got a few other gestures as well like advance, psyche up, and taunt; it’s basically all about figuring out the best time to use the right attack or defense while keeping an eye on your health & shield gauges. You’ll also want to try and keep the crowd entertained as that will earn you more gold if you manage to survive.


The town in Sword and Sandals is jam packed with all sorts of gear as there are five different shops and establishments to visit. The Weaponsmith lets you choose from Swords, Axes, Maces, and Bows; there are a whopping 60 weapons in all which is more than enough for anyone to choose from. The Armory lets you add armor to your gladiators’ shoulders, chest, arms, feet and head; there are 69 items to choose from including 9 shields. Next up we’ve got the Church that sells potions and the Magic shop that offers spells and enchantments for your weapons and armor. Last but not least, we’ve got the Tavern where you can do a little gambling, check the high scores or learn the history behind the game.


Are you not entertained? That’s how I want to feel when I play a gladiator game, just like Russell Crow from the movies. I don’t think there’s a game out there for any platform to give gamers that experience, but Swords and Sandals ain’t half bad. The turn-based aspect of the gameplay did take a little getting used to, but it turned out to be quite a bit of fun even if it’s a little too easy at times. Sure I got my ass kicked, but for the most part my gladiator came away unscathed once I figured things out.

There are lots of little nuances that stand out as well like leveling up your gladiators’ skills or having to choose between paying for a room at night or taking your chances on the street. Overall, I really enjoyed playing Blood & Glory and think others will too. There is a free version of the game you can check out that gives you two tournaments to try while the full version gives you 18 tournaments and 6 more arenas for only $0.99 cents. You can find both versions of 3rd Sense’s Swords and Sandals on Google Play.

Google Play Link – Swords and Sandals

Developers Site – 3rd Sense

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Swords and Sandals - The Android Game Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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