SugarLoaf games releases Milky Way for Android

SugarLoaf games releases Milky Way for Android

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Can you help Moo get back her baby from the evil space creatures? That’s the quirky premise behind a new Android Game called Milky Way from SugarLoaf Interactive. Moo’s lost her baby and she’ll have to travel through space and the aptly named Milky Way to get back her calf. The idea of a space traveling cow may seem odd, but the graphics are truly out of this world.

As mentioned, you play a cow that has to travel through space to save her baby. We all know that cows can’t fly, but Moo will get a little help from her trusty jetpack which you’ll control using pressing on the right side of the screen. Pressing on the left side puts on the brakes, and once you’re out of orbit you can “steer” Moo by tilting your device. You’ll want to collect as many stars as you can and grab powerups whenever you find them. You’re awarded a “star” based on your time, and you’ll have to have one to advance to the next level. There looks to be around 20 levels in the game, and there are 5 extra challenges to take on as well.


Milky Way is an interesting game, and totally not what I expected. The controls took me a while to get used to; it’s really all about timing, boosting, and tilting when you’re coming out of orbit. I only played the game briefly, but liked what I saw even if the game does seem a bit short. That being said, this is only the first episode of Milky Way, and when you buy this one you’ll get episode 2 for free. If you feel like flying around the galaxy as a cow you can check out SugarLoaf’s Milky Way on Google Play for the low price of $1.00.

Google Play Link – Milky Way

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