Search for Storage Treasures in Storage Warfare from 24kt Studios

Search for Storage Treasures in Storage Warfare from 24kt Studios


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Yuuuuup! That’s the first thought I had when I saw a new Android game called Storage Warfare from 24KT Studios. If you’re a fan of the show Storage Wars you’ll know what this game’s all about, and while it may not feature the folks from the show it’s still a cool concept that may translate into a nice game.

Storage Warfare is all about getting a good storage locket, and the game pits you against 3 competitors who’ll do anything they can to keep you from winning a locker. You basically go to auctions with your bankroll and bid on what you see inside each locker. You have to guess the value based on the location and other items in the unit while also taking into account any more lockers that may be coming up. Once you’ve won a locker it will show you the items you’ve acquired, what they’re worth and then it’s on the next locker. The auction season is 6 months long, and at the end your score is tallied and added to the leaderboard to see who the top storage warrior is. That’s the gameplay in a nutshell and I wish I could have gone more in-depth, but due to Google’s 15 minute refund policy I had to cut things a bit short.


Storage Warfare is a pretty obvious knockoff of the show Storage Wars as you’ll quickly see when you hear a weird sounding “Yeaaaaah” from the Dave Hester clone. That being said it doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, but I only played it for around 10 minutes and had to cut things in fear of the dreaded 15 minute exchange window.

Usually I make a recommendation of some sort on everything I review, but I just can’t do it on this one as I didn’t get enough play time. 24KT should really put put out a demo of this if they want people to give it a shot; otherwise I just see this one dying a slow death. Not many people are going to risk $1.99 on a game they can’t try from a company they don’t know… that’s just how it is. If you’re feeling lucky and want to give it a shot, you can pick up Storage Warfare on Google Play for $1.99.

Google Play Link – Storage Warfare

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