Prepare for Happiness with Happy Poo Jump for Android

Prepare for Happiness with Happy Poo Jump for Android


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Jump for Joy with Happy Poo!! I’m not sure if I would take it that far, but I must admit that Retro Dreamer’s Happy Poo Jump might just make you happy. Confused? So was I until I sent my poo flying and slowly noticed a smile breaking out across my face.

Happy Poo Jump is the follow-up to the Happy Poo & Happy Poo for two. Whereas the first two poo games just let’s you polish a turd until its shiny (seriously) Happy Poo Jump takes things to a whole new level. Why is Poo happy? We have no idea, but I think it’s got something to do with getting his shine on in his earlier adventures. Anyway… Happy Poo is a jumping game where all you need to do is jump. When you fire up the game you’ll see Poo start jumping and you’ll tilt your device to help him land on platforms. There are a few powerups to give you a poo rainbow boost, and you’ll get a scoring mark on  the level with your previous best, but that’s about it.


As odd as Happy Poo Jump is, it’s still a fun little game that’s well done for what it is. While I won’t say the graphics are bright and shiny, they are well done and cute in a weird kind of way. The happy little noises Poo makes are pretty quirky as well, if you’ve gotta’ make a Poo based game Retro Dreamer would be my top choice. If you want to get happy and bounce with Poo you can pick up Happy Poo Jump on Google Play for free.


Google Play Link – Happy Poo Jump

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