Physmo releases Retro Platformer Mos Speedrun for Android

Physmo releases Retro Platformer Mos Speedrun for Android


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Like Platformers? We do and there’s a groovy new one from Physmo called Mos Speedrun that you’re going to want to check out. If you dig pixely platformers with sweet chip tunes keep reading to find out more about the awesomeness known as Mos Speedrun.

Using the word “speed” in the title of this little platformer is a given, as Mos flies through these stages. It’s basically a Mario style platformer with one major difference… you can’t stomp on any of the enemies heads. The controls are simple as you’ve only got two on-screen arrows and a jump button; you can adjust the jumping between single or bounce in the settings though. Mos Speedrun offers up 25 pixelated levels set across 5 different areas and you’ll have to have a certain amount of badges to unlock the next area. There are also 12 different costumes to unlock which I believe become available when you find “spooky ghosts” throughout the game.


I’ve only played through a few levels, but Mos Speedrun is very fast paced and quite a bit of fun if ya’ dig pixels and retro fun. If you’d like to get your game on in an old-school way you can pick up Physmo’s Mos Speedrun for free on Google Play.


Google Play Link – Mos Speedrun

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