Manbolo releases Colorful New Puzzler Meon for Android

Manbolo releases Colorful New Puzzler Meon for Android


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If you enjoy Android puzzle games there’s a great new one out called Meon from Manbolo. Some of you may have played it previously if you had a windows phone, but if you’re new to the world of Meon you’re in for a treat. Curious about the colorful world of Meon? Read on to find out more…Gameplay

Meon is a puzzler that puts you to work lining up beams of light to free little Meons. To clear a level you just need to “hit” the Meon with a beam of light, but this becomes very tricky as not all Meons are the same color and you’re limited in the way you can move. Green Meons are moveable, but you can’t rotate them so the light beam can only shoot in one direction. You’re given various tools like splitters and mirrors to split and bounce your beam which makes releasing your fellow Meons a little easier. Basically, if you’ve got a blue Meon you’ll need a blue beam, Red for red, etc, etc… It sounds very easy, but I’ve been temporarily stuck several times in the first 15 levels and can only imagine it gets tougher as you progress. There aren’t many extras, but you do have a hint system and several different options to choose from which customizes the game to fit your needs. One small, but cool thing I noticed was the ability to disable the tutorial and change the background music. They may seem minor, but it’s nice to see the dev’s thinking about things like that… nice touch guys.


I only played Meon for around 10 minutes, but that was enough to let me know how awesome it is. The game has a cool feel to it, and I enjoyed the graphics and mood just as much as the actual gameplay. The developers really did a great job with the game, and it’s nice to see a new game have actual free & paid versions without ads or in-app purchases. The free version of the game is dubbed Meon Lite and gives you 31 levels to try while the full version gives you all 120 for only $0.99. I highly recommend folks give the game a go, you can hit the link below to check out Manbolo’s Meon on Google Play.


Meon Lite

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