Like Chips? Check out Pringles Flavor Grab for Android

Like Chips? Check out Pringles Flavor Grab for Android


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The deliciousness known as Pringles Potato Chips now have their own Android game called Pringle Flavor Grab. Yeah, you read that right a “potato chip” has an Android game.  Just when you thought you’d seen it all, well actually maybe I have seen it all now. Curious? I was too, and was totally shocked to find out that Pringles Flavor Grab isn’t half bad…

Pringles Flavor Grab is a physics-based game where you’ll fire “hands”  towards other ingredients on the screen. They folks behind the game dubbed this a “can-a-pult” which is a funny and accurate description of the chip flinger. You’re given 9 shots to try and get all of the ingredients on a given level and you’ll receive a score based on how many shots you used. Pringles Flavor Grab is also a surprisingly deep game as it has 60 levels spanning 4 different flavor islands including Cheesfest Island, Seasonville, Spicy Fire Island, and Flavorful Island. The game runs off the 3-chip scoring setup, and you’ll need 90 chips to unlock the final challenge. Pringles Flavor Grab utilizes Openfeint for its scoring system and offers up 22 different achievements to shoot for.


Pringles Flavor Grab is a lot more fun than I ever expected it to be, and it has a suprising amount of polish as well. Usually you don’t expect product tie-in games to be this good, but “Mr. Pringles” did a great job with the game. The only issue I have is due to the fact that it doesn’t use pinch/zoom to let you see the entire level. You can pan, but it’s like a super-speedy pan and you can lock the screen into any position other than the starting one. It does hurt the gameplay a bit, but doesn’t kill the game by any means and the 9 shots per level does even that out somewhat. Either way, it’s worth checking out especially if you dig physics games or Pringles. You can pick up Pringles Flavor Grab on Google Play for free.

Pringles Flavor Grab

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