Glu Mobile releases Deer Hunter Reloaded for Android

Glu Mobile releases Deer Hunter Reloaded for Android


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Glu Mobile has long been one of our favorite developers, and their hunting games are the best around. Deer Hunter Reloaded is the newest hunting game from Glu, and it’s got some crazy new features that make it stand out from the pack.

Deer Hunter Reloaded drops you in the woods and puts you on the trail of some of the biggest game in North America. It’s a “energy-based” game which means you’ll complete missions which cost energy, but you’ll earn XP and cash for completing your tasks. You’ve got the missions, challenges that you complete during missions and something called Stampede mode. Stampede mode lets you blast away at animals as they run towards you; you’ll only have a certain amount of time per round, and the animals come at you pretty fast, especially the cheetahs. The X-Ray mode is another new addition to the franchise, and a pretty damned cool one I must admit. X-Ray mode lets you see inside of the animals so you can target specific organs for the quick takedown. I only got to use it once, and it was from a distance, but it was still pretty sweet.


I only gave the game a brief run through this morning, and while it “seems” like a solid title there are a few areas that will irritate gamers I’m sure. The main thing I noticed was the beast known as the in-app purchasing setup. Most of the weapons I saw needed to be unlocked with gold bars, and you already know how you can acquire them. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but it looks like you’ll have to buy most of the cool guns with cold hard cash… which sucks. I do enjoy hunting games so I plan on taking a long, hard look at Deer Hunter Reloaded later this evening to see just how good or bad the game actually is. Check back in a few days for a full review, until then you can head on over to Google Play and check out Deer Hunter Reloaded for free.


Deer Hunter Reloaded

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