Get your Roll On with Headspin from Stone Baked Games

Get your Roll On with Headspin from Stone Baked Games


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We love quirky games and if you feel the same way you’re going to love Headspin from Stone Baked Games. Headspin is a cool little game that lets you control a head who loves to roll around; it also gave me the ability to use “get your roll on” in a title which is pretty awesome in itself. Big Tymers jokes aside, Headspin is a slick little game that casual gamers should enjoy.

Headspin is a casual platformer that drops you into a colorful crafty world as a head. Yup, you are a head (this is a first) who’s only mode of transportation is to roll and apparently you also like to eat buttons. You’ll control said head by tilting your device left or right to roll your way through the levels. There are no on-screen buttons, but you can tap the screen to jump and double tap to jump a bit higher; you’ll need to do a lot of both as you’ll encounter ledges, moving platforms, and bumpers as you progress through the game.

There are no deaths in the game as we’re guessing it’s pretty hard to kill a head without a body, especially one that can just roll away from you. Even without fear of dying the levels are timed so you’ll probably want to finish things out as quickly as possible. It’s a very simple concept and a refreshing change from Tower Defense games and 3D racers. Headspin has 3 different modes of play involving 3 different heads with Normal head, Speedy head, and Hard head. I know that Normal Head has 8 levels, so I’m assuming that there are around 24 levels in all through the 3 difficulties.


Headspin is a solid Android game that takes the “rolling head” genre to all new heights. Seriously though, the graphics are great (craft inspired), the physics are spot-on, and overall Headspin is simply a fun little game. I would like to see the game continue to add things, and there are a LOT of different directions you could go with a craft inspired rolling head game. Maybe throw a few sculpey inspired guillotines out there to roll under or have themed heads for holidays lol. Either way, if you enjoy games that are a bit different or are just looking for some quick fun be sure to check out Headspin from Stone Baked Games. It’s the most fun you can have with a rolling head without getting into trouble, and it’s free with no ads or in-app purchases!!


Headspin for Android

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