Face Your Fears with Tanks in Minicore’s Tanks for the Memories

Face Your Fears with Tanks in Minicore’s Tanks for the Memories


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I’ve always enjoyed games with a sense of humor, and combining tanks with psychology is definitely odd, but funny. Tanks for the Memories is a new game from Minicore Studios that does just that and lets you use tanks to fight your fears.Dr. Phineas Calvin Fhraud is the man behind the whole “tanks in the brain” therapy and he’ll use this new tech to send tanks into your mind to find and eliminate your fears. When you first fire up the game you can setup your mind tank then you can choose from one of three modes with Tutorial, Campaign or Endless. You’re goal for each level seems to be to destroy the patient’s fears before hitting the exit, but the fun comes in with the fears themselves. I did have some trouble getting Tanks for the Memories running (I’m on ICS), but luckily I got to play a bit of the first campaign level. My first “patient” was afraid of fire so my tank went out into a fiery level took fight fire demons. The levels change according to your patients fears, and while I’m not sure how many different fears there are I know there are at least 3 and there seems to be a lot of different upgrades for your tank as well.


As mentioned, I had trouble getting this one to run, but can’t blame it on the game as a lot of games don’t play nice with ICS yet.  I really like the concept of the game and what I did get to play of it was quite a bit of fun. I plan on checking this one out on a few more devices as I’m curious to see what the rest of the game holds. There is a free version of Tanks for the Memories available to try or you can jump straight to the full version for only $0.99.

Tanks for the Memories


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