DogByte Games unleashes 8bit Ninja for Android

DogByte Games unleashes 8bit Ninja for Android


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It’s a well known fact that I love Retro Android games, so when I see something called 8bit Ninja it’s a sure bet that I’m going to check it out. A game with Pixely little Ninjas? I’m sold already, but as we all known throwing the words “8-bit” into a title doesn’t make a game good. So how is the game you ask? Read on to find out…

8bit Ninja is a fast paced game that puts you to work avoiding falling fruits and melons in a dojo. You simply need to move left & right with the provided buttons to avoid dying, but it’s very, very tricky as fruits tend to bounce and come at you one after the other. You might be thinking what about weapons? Well, you have no weapons to start with which is actually half the fun. As you dodge fruits occasionally you’ll see powerups drop from sky; sometimes they’ll be coins while other times it will be blades or another cool 8-bit weapon. Your ninja can also level up to where you’ll eventually be able to buy & hold 3 powerups at a time which makes the games somewhat easier.  Any coins you collect (or rare eggs) can be used in the shop for powerups or other ninja’s who can also be leveled up. Throw in Scoreloop and you’ve got a great retro quick-play game that’s actually got a little depth as well.


I didn’t get a chance to spend much time with 8-bit Ninja, but after only 10 minutes or so I decided it’s a game definitely worth a closer look. I really liked the simple controls and the level of difficulty is just about perfect as it’s not too easy or too difficult. You can expect a full write-up of this little gem, until then I highly recommend you check out 8bit Ninja for yourself. You  can pick up DogByte Games 8bit Ninja for free on Google Play.

Google Play Link – 8bit Ninja

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