Bulkypix releases Jazz: Trump’s Journey onto Google Play

Bulkypix releases Jazz: Trump’s Journey onto Google Play


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Jazz: Trump’s Journey is a new Android game from Bulkypix, and no it doesn’t involve the Donald. Trump is the story of a young Jazz musician out to make a name for himself in early 20th century New Orleans.

Jazz: Trump’s Journey takes you through the colorful world of New Orleans or Naw’leans as some friends of my call it down in Shreveport. You play a little Jazz musician named Trump who’s out to become a Jazz musician, but as you might expect it won’t be easy. Jazz: Trump’s Journey is a side-scrolling platformer which means you’ll side step your way through the levels by jumping and moving objects while collecting notes and pictures. There is a storyline that parallels the early life of Louis Armstrong and there’s also a lovely lass involved that goes by the name of Lady Poppy.  There seems to be around 13 levels in Jazz: Trump’s Journey which may be considered short by some, but what it lacks in depth it more than makes up for it with style.

Jazz: Trump’s Journey is a great looking game, and a breath of fresh air compared other games flooding the market. We’ve been seeing more artistic games lately, and I hope it’s a trend that continues. I plan on finishing out Jazz: Trump’s Journey over the weekend and will report back with a full review as soon as I complete Satchmo’s epic journey in Naw’leans. Until then, I highly suggest you check out Jazz: Trump’s Journey for yourself and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.


Google Play Link – Jazz: Trump’s Journey

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