Bring the Pain with Mobile Linebacker for Android

Bring the Pain with Mobile Linebacker for Android


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In tribute to the NFL Draft that’s gone on over the weekend, I thought I’d check out some Android football games and was pleasantly surprised by one called Mobile Linebacker from Viva! Vision. Mobile Linebacker is a game that’s all about the hits, but will it lay the lumber or get flagged for lameness? Read on to find out…There are quite a few football games in the market, but most focus on the QB. Mobile Linebacker switches things up by putting you in full blown Terry Tate mode and letting you lay people out. Your goal in the game is to take out the running back as quickly as possible, and you’ll control your player by flicking them towards the intended target. It’s sounds easy, but it’s not as you’ll have to read defensive and shoot through the gaps to nail the ball carrier. Another thing that’s unique about Mobile Linebacker is the way the levels are laid out. Instead of playing a full game like in Madden, you’ll play a game broken down into quarters with 5 stages per quarter. There are 20 stages per game, so you’ll get 80 stages in all. Mobile Linebacker also has a nice tutorial mode to take you through the basics, and there seems to be several player and equipment customizations as well.


As a football fan I’ve been fairly disappointed by the offerings so far as there haven’t been any “great” full-fledged football games. Mobile Linebacker may not be a traditional football game, but it is a nice change from what’s out there and a different approach to football games. I only got to give this one a quick play on a friend’s device over the weekend, and definitely plan on picking it up for myself. There isn’t a free version available at the moment, but you can get the full version of Viva! Vision’s Mobile Linebacker for only $0.99 on Google Play.

Mobile Linebacker for Android

Viva! Vision

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