Bonfire Media releases Midnight Basketball for Android

Bonfire Media releases Midnight Basketball for Android


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Basketball is one of my favorite sports, and it’s nice to see some good Basketball games start to come out for Android. Such is the case with a new game called Midnight Basketball from Bonfire Media, a company that’s best known for making apps. Midnight Basketball is the company’s first attempt at a game, and sometimes the transition from apps to games isn’t an easy one.

Midnight Basketball ball isn’t really a full fledged basketball game per say, but more of a pop-a-shot style game. You’ll fire off shots towards the hoop by pulling backwards and letting go; it’s the basic physics game slingshot action that most of us have become accustomed to. Once you let off the first shot a timer will start, and you’ll be given 60 seconds to score as many hoops as possible. You’ll get points for every shot you land a shot, and extra points for clean shots, and for the red, white & blue moneyball. You’ll also get some extra points for pulling off “trick shots” which basically consist of bouncing a ball off another and getting it in. It’s a very straightforward game that anyone should be able to pick up and play with ease.


There’s a lot to like about Midnight Basketball like its nighttime backdrops and fun commentary. That being said, it’s not a deep game and there are no real extras of any kind. There have also been a lot of complaints about unnecessary download notifications; I haven’t received any, but then again I haven’t had the game installed for over 24 hours yet. Overall, Midnight Basketball is a fun game that’s good for some quick-play fun, but lacks any long term replay factor. It’s still a good game if you want some quick fun; you can pick up Midnight Basketball for free on Google Play.

Google Play Link – Midnight Basketball

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