A Review of Gamelofts Where’s Waldo Now? for Android
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A Review of Gamelofts Where’s Waldo Now? for Android

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Last week we reported on a new hidden object Android game from Gameloft & Classic Media called Where’s Waldo Now? As promised, we’re back with a full review of the game along with our thoughts on the toboggan wearing traveler known as Waldo.

Gameplay & Features

Where’s Waldo Now? has three different modes of play with Quick Play, Adventure, and the Mini-Games section. We’ll cover them one by one and we’ll start with Adventure Mode which is the heart of the game. Adventure mode takes you through 7 different ages, as it seems that this time Waldo has gotten himself warped back in time and needs to make his way back through the ages. The ages range from prehistoric times to the future, and each age has 6 different levels to play through. The levels vary between mini-games and hidden object stages; you can earn up to 3 Waldo coins per level depending on how you do. The coins are used to unlock the other worlds, but you’ll also want to keep an eye out for books which you’ll need to unlock a special stage.

Quick Play mode is exactly what you’d expect as it drops you into a random stage to let you find Waldo and the game, and the mini-games are the same ones you play and unlock in Adventure mode. I believe there are 4 mini-games in all, and I’ve managed to unlock 3 thus far. You get a Gem Miner like game with Odlaw, a whack a mole style game involving some other characters and a game that lets you play as Woof. I have no clue what the 4th game is yet, as I’m currently stuck in a sandstorm on a hidden object level. The actual hidden object levels are quite a bit of fun and definitely get tougher as you progress in the game. Anyone who’s seen a Time Traveling movie knows you can’t leave anything behind when you time travel or you risk a butterfly effect. This makes a lot of the levels harder as you’ll not only have to find Waldo and his friends, but random objects like camera’s and binoculars.


Gameloft never ceases to surprise me as you never know what they’ll put out from week to week. They’ve been on fire of late, and Where’s Waldo Now? is just another great game to add to their catalog. If you like hidden object games or Waldo in general there’s no doubt that you’ll love Where’s Waldo Now. The game is longer & tougher than I expected so it’s definitely a game adults can play, and it will keep you busy for awhile. You can pick up Gameloft’s Where’s Waldo Now? on Google Play for $0.99 cents.

Google Play Link – Where’s Waldo Now?

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