A Review of Creative Mobile’s Drag Racing: Bike Edition for Android
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A Review of Creative Mobile’s Drag Racing: Bike Edition for Android

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Bad: Occsional FC issues for some users, seems to easy at times
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I have been on a racing game binge lately, and was compelled by my brother to try out Drag Racing: Bike Edition by Creative Mobile. If you’re a fan of the drag racing genre you’ve probably already played Creative’s other racing game simply dubbed Drag Racing. If you enjoyed that one, there’s no doubt you’ll dig Bike Edition and here’s what I thought about if after an hour or two of playtime.


Drag Racing: Bike Edition is all about the sport bikes and seeing who the best racer around is. You’ll get to do this in several different ways; if you want to practice you can do a quick race or training, if you want depth they’ve got a nice Career Mode, and Online mode is where all the major action and tournaments are.  Online mode lets you race in Face to Face battles, un-ranked races or tournaments. The tournaments are my personal favorites and the best way to get cash for upgrades early on… if you can win them that is.  The racing itself is done by simply revving up and hitting the gauge in the sweet spot for a great takeoff and then shifting at the perfect time as you fly down the track. You’ll have to make some upgrades and adjustments to get the perfect bike, but the racing itself is very straightforward.


Drag Racing: Bike Edition’s Shop section is where you can purchase new bikes; there are 17 bikes in all so there’s a little something for everyone. You can test drive a bike before you buy it or sell an old one for extra cash which you’ll probably need for parts. The Garage section is where you’ll upgrade your superbike in 7 different areas with Engine, Exhaust, Nitro, Turbo, Weight, Wheels, and Gearbox. There seems to be around 60 upgrades in all, and if that wasn’t enough you can also paint your bike and tune it by adjusting your gearbox, tire pressure, sprockets, and nitro duration. Drag Racing: Bike Edition gives you a lot of parts for upgrades, and a lot of different ways to customize your bike which is never a bad thing. There’s also a Lounge section that lets you alter your name, check you stats, shows any awards you’ve earned in the game.


I’ve been a fan of Creative Mobile’s Drag Racing for quite some time, and I’m glad I was finally forced into trying Drag Racing: Bike Edition as it’s really a blast to play. The racing is simple enough for anyone to be good at, but the challenge comes in buying your upgrades and tuning your bike. The game does feel a little too easy at times, but I’m still early on in the game (career mode) so I’m sure it gets tougher. Either way, if you like drag racing or motorcycles Drag Racing: Bike Edition is a game you won’t want to miss. You can check out Creative Mobile’s Drag Racing: Bike Edition on Google Play for free.


Google Play Link – Drag Racing: Bike Edition

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A Review of Creative Mobile's Drag Racing: Bike Edition for Android, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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