Zombie killing Fun with Shane Reaction: Zombieland by Arbit Games

Zombie killing Fun with Shane Reaction: Zombieland by Arbit Games


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Shane Reaction: Zombieland is an awesome new Android game from Arbit Games. As you’ve probably guessed by the title, you’re going to fight the undead and you’re going to have to try to last 40 days. Don’t be fooled by the cartoonish graphics either, as Shane Reaction will test you’re zombie killing skills to the max.

Shane Reaction: Zombieland is basically a Zombie shootem’ up that has you stand behind a fence while blasting away at the undead. As in any good Zombie movie (or game) fences don’t hold up very well, so you’ll have to repair them frequently. Fixing the fences is easy, but staying alive can be ever so tricky. You’ve got to balance between shooting, moving, fixing the fence, and reloading which is quite the task.

You can blast Zombies if they get through the fence, but it usually doesn’t help as you’re dead as soon as they get to you. No good Zombie game is complete without a nice arsenal of firearms and Shane Reaction has just that with 8 upgradable weapons and a few upgradable skills to go along with some defensive fence items. There could be even more content as I’m still early on in the game; I’ve already unlocked 2 things (game mode, defensive items) so far and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more.


Shane Reaction: Zombieland has been a killer game so far, and I look forward to seeing what else comes into play. I’ve been playing the game for about an hour now, and plan on trying to finish it out in the next few days so check back later in the week for a full breakdown of the game. Until then I highly recommend you check this one out; there’s a free version you can try while the full version gives you everything for only $0.99 cents. You can find both versions of Shane Reaction: Zombieland on Google Play.

Google Play Link – Shane Reaction: Zombieland


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