Trick Shot Madness with Dude Perfect for Android

Trick Shot Madness with Dude Perfect for Android

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Dude Perfect is a new Android game that lets you try to master the age old art of the trick shot. We’re not talking about pool either; we’re talking about basketball which means you’ll have to bounce the ball into the hoop during some pretty crazy scenarios.

Your goal in Dude Perfect is to hit as many trick shots as possible, and you’ll have three tries per level to get the job done. You shoot by dragging/pulling back on your character Angry Birds style and you’ll want to bounce the ball into the hoop anyway you can. The more objects you bounce the ball off of, the higher your score will be and there are lots of tricky objects to bounce off as you progress through the levels. There are plenty of surprises hidden throughout the game and I thought the “twin shot” was a nice touch as it’s come in handy on several different levels so far. Dude Perfect has around 90 levels set across 6 different locations including an amusement park and outer space. The game can be setup for one or two players and you even get choose from 5 different ballers and three different balls including a bowling ball & beach ball. There is a store that lets you buy in-app purchases that can unlock levels, two additional characters or a level editor.


Dude Perfect is a great new game and it’s really been a blast to play so far. The graphics and physics are top-notch and the game as a whole has plenty of polish.  There are more than enough levels to keep you busy for ages, and the addition of the level editor (via in-app purchase) adds even more depth to the game. There’s really nothing to gripe about, the game runs great on my aging Captivate and I highly recommend folks check it out. If you want to try for the perfect shot head on over to Google Play and pick up Dude Perfect for free.

Google Play Link – Dude Perfect

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