Top 10 Android Games of the Week – March 11, 2012

Top 10 Android Games of the Week – March 11, 2012


Another week goes by, and another crop of Android Games have arrived into the Android market. Well, it’s not really the Android market anymore as most of you already know, and regardless of what we think about the change we’re always glad to see some cool new games drop. This weeks list brings in Robots, Pet Stores, Clowns, Zombies, and even throws in a bit of hate-o-rade’ for the lovers out there. Without further ado, we proudly present the Top 10 Android Games of the Week for March 11, 2012…

1. The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning

The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning is a new Android game just put out by AMC. I just saw noticed this on Amazon this morning, and while I haven’t had a chance to play it yet I’m uber-excited.   It’s seems to be a “Choose your own Adventure” style game where you get to play the role of Shane. As a massive fan of the series, I’ll be checking this one out in full and will report back with a full rundown. Until then you can head on over to the Amazon Appstore and grab Dead Reckoning for free.

2. Magic Poker

Magic Poker is a cool new Android game from Lindy Games that lets you do something I’ve done countless time when I’m bored… flip cards into a hat. Anyone who’s ever done this knows how “zen-like” it can be, and the Android game is no different. Magic Poker is a great quick-play game that you can pick up for free on Google Play.

3. Clowns Revolt

Clowns Revolt is a circus themed Android game from Rockiam that puts you to work under the Big Top. From what I was able to decipher from the garbled market description and pics, I believe you shoot cannonballs at obstacles to try and hit the ringmaster. I didn’t get to try this one out and there isn’t a demo version available, but it “looks” like it might be a good one. If you want to give Clowns Revolt a whirl you can pick it up on Google Play for free.

4. Mecha-Mecha Panic!

Like Robots? Whether you like them or hate them you’re going to see plenty of them in a new Android called Mecha-Mecha Panic! from Turbofish games. Mecha-Mecha Panic! is a base defense game that has you trying to survive countless enemy robots with only your trusty (rather large) laser cannon. It’s a good quick-play game that you can get for free on Google Play.

5. Forever Alone

If you’re single and cringe when you see a couple in public expressing their love, we’ve got just the thing for you with a new Android game called Forever Alone. Your goal in the game is to break people up, and you’ll do it with a small arsenal of water balloons. It’s a fun little game that’s going to make you laugh and you can get it for free on Google Play.

6. Pet Shop Story

Team Lava has put out several good “Story” games and their latest effort is the aptly titled Pet Shop Story. You’ll get to run a pet store in their newest sim and can breed some funky animals like the Toyger and mysterious Chug which is a cross between a pug & Chihuahua. If you enjoyed their other sim games, there’s little doubt that you’ll love the newest one. You can get Pet Shop Story for free on Google Play.

7. What’s Up? Zombie!

 What’s Up? Zombie! is a new Android game from Colopl Inc. that puts you in the role of Zombie collector. It’s a Whack a Mole style game of sorts where you’ll drop zombie powder over a cemetery then swipe the dead back to their graves when they arise. Once defeated the Zombies are “collected” into a picture book and the earth becomes a little bit safer. Haven’t gotten a chance to give this one a go yet, but it looks good and who wouldn’t want to be a Zombie collector? You can grab What’s Up? Zombie! for free on Google Play.

8. Flick Nations Rugby

Flick Nations Rugby is the latest flicking game from the king of flick Full Fat Productions. You’ll get to flick a Rugby ball through goalposts along with several other fun mini-games; if you’ve played their other titles you’ll know what to expect from this one. Not my favorite, but it’s not bad either. No free version is available, but the full version of Flick Nations Rugby can be yours for $0.99 cents.

9. Sim Stone

This one’s not really a game… or is it? Sim Stone is a “Stone Simulator” and it’s the most fun you’ll never have with a game. You are a stone master, in charge of a rock sitting in a field all alone. Over time you’re rock will sit there, and well that’s about it… or is it? Nobody knows what a rock does when you’re not looking, but the one thing I do know is that Sim Stone is surprisingly entertaining for some reason. I’ve checked on my rock more than my virtual pets and I’m proud to say he’s now 86,646 seconds old! If you want to get your rock on check out Sim Stone from Sugart on Google play for free.

10. Xenium Gravity

Xenium Gravity is a new shmup (shootem up) game from SoraCorp that uses gravity as its driving force. You have no navigate a ship through the levels by controlling your thrust and using navigational buttons to reach the portal at the end. I only played a few levels, but have noticed no “shooting” at all; I’m not sure if that comes in at a later stage or if you just dodge the obstacles you see in the screenshots. If you feel like challenging gravity you can give Xenium Gravity a go for free on Google Play.

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