Stop the Puck with Virtual Goaltender for Android

Stop the Puck with Virtual Goaltender for Android


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There aren’t too a lot of Android Hockey games out there, but we think we’ve found a cool one with Virtual Goaltender from Omri Kalinsky. Virtual Goaltender puts your goal keeping skills to the test as you hit the ice and try to master 70 challenges set across 5 different rinks.

Hockey is a sport of grace and brutality; Virtual Goaltender will show you neither of those, as being a goal tender is all about your skills and reflexes. You won’t be flying around the ice or socking people in the face, but you will get to make glove saves, skate saves, butterfly saves, and kicks saves and more as you try to show you’re the best. Virtual Hockey lets you choose from 5 different goalies each with his own style; you’ll also get to get to hit the ice in 5 different rinks including a frozen pond. Virtual Goaltender has 70 levels that increase in difficulty as you progress through the game which should be more than enough to keep even the most ardent hockey fan busy. There are also around two dozen camera angles that make sure you’ll get the best view of your save.


Virtual Goaltender looks to be a solid Hockey title, especially if you want to check out what life’s like behind the mask of the goaltender. The graphics are awesome and having all the different camera angles really helps to make you feel like you’re in the game. If you’re a Hockey fan there’s little doubt you’ll want to check this one out, it’s a cool game and a different take on the sport as you’re only in charge of the goalie and not the entire team. There isn’t a demo version available, but you can pick up Omri Kalinsky’s Virtual Goaltender on Google Play for $1.99.

Google Play Link – Virtual Goaltender

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  1. virtualgoaltender
    April 16, 2012, 11:43 am

    Hey Adam,
    Thanks for the review, just a little update, there is a free lite version now:

    And a youtube video:
    And a website:
    And you can find us on facebook:

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