Samurai vs Zombies Defense – Android Game Review
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Genre: Action & Arcade

Samurai vs Zombies Defense – Android Game Review

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Samurai vs. Zombies Defense is a new Android game from Glu Mobile that puts your skills to the test as a Samurai that’s trying to defend his village. Zombies have taken over the earth and you’ll need to slice-n-dice you’re way through them to stay alive. Samurai’s fighting Zombies really sounds like the best thing ever, but just because something sounds cool doesn’t mean it’ll be good. How did Samurai vs. Zombies Defense turn out? Read on to find out…


Controlling your little samurai is simple as you just need to press left or right on the screen to move and when you come across an enemy you’re warrior will automatically attack them with his sword. You can do a sort of super-swipe with the mash of a button, but everything’s automated for the most part. As you progress you’re given the ability to add villagers which will aid your cause by helping you fend off the enemy. If you make it through the wave of enemies you’ll get to hit up the samurai shop before advancing to the next wave; if the enemies kill you or destroy your village its game over.


Samurai vs. Zombies Defense doesn’t use levels, but “stages” and I believe there are around or over 40 in the game, but I’m not going to swear to it. You can upgrade your lil’ hero at the Samurai shop which also allows you to recruit new villagers and improve your villages defenses. As you might expect, you’ll use coins earned in the game to buy your upgrades and the dreaded “Glu Coins” make an appearance as well. Prices are still nuts as they’re asking a whopping $99.00 for 5,200 coins. Yeah, I’ve bitched about it before and probably will again as I didn’t even see anything in the game costing near that much.


Samurai vs. Zombies Defense is a solid game with a great premise and super-slick graphics. Graphically I was impressed, everything looked great and it ran without a hitch on my aging phone. The premise behind the games speaks for itself as well… you can’t get much cooler than Samurai’s fighting Zombies. The game is a fun time-killer, but I could see some people getting bored of it after a while. Definitely not a bad game, but I wish it had a bit more depth. If you feel like slicing up a few hundred Zombies you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Samurai vs Zombies Defense for free.


Google Play Link – Samurai vs Zombie Defense

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Samurai vs Zombies Defense - Android Game Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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