Run a Pet Shop with Team Lava’s Pet Shop Story for Android

Run a Pet Shop with Team Lava’s Pet Shop Story for Android


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Pet Shop Story is the latest and greatest from Team Lava who’s known for their very popular line of “Story” games. Their newest title lets you run a small pet shop and you’ll have to take on all the tasks that go along with the job.

Pet Shop Story is a pet store simulation game/ time-management game which means it will take a certain amount of time to complete different tasks throughout the game. You basically buy animals, feed them, breed them, wait for the animals to be born… rinse and repeat. You’re given tasks to keep things fresh and you’ll level up with the experience you gain from taking care of pets and doing chores. You’ll also earn cash which can be used to buy a lot of cool swag for your store. Pet Shop Story has around 27 dogs, 13 cats, and 11 different other types of animals to choose from.  You’ll also get to setup displays and decorate your store with things like plants, cat condos, and bird cages. All items are either purchased with coins or gems; you can earn both in the game, but gems can also be earned through downloading other Story games. As with a lot of Zoo/Animal games you’ll be able to cross-breed pets as you progress through the game as who wouldn’t want to see what a “Chug” (Chihuahua and Pug mix) would look like.


Pet Shop Story is a nice little sim and another great addition to Team Lava’s stable of Story games. As bad as I hate to admit it, the animals were all cute and I actually had a lot of fun setting up & running the shop. This is coming from a guy that’s been played UFC Undisputed 3 for the past month. If you enjoyed Team Lava’s other sim games you’ll definitely want to check this one out. You can pick up Pet Shop Story for free on Google Play.

Google Play Link – Pet Shop Story

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