OrangePixel releases Retro Shooter Neoteria for Android

OrangePixel releases Retro Shooter Neoteria for Android

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OrangePixel is well known for making great retro themed games, and they recently added another great one to their stable with Neoteria. The new game is just as pixely as their old ones, but this time around you’ll fly instead of jump as you make your way through the slick retro worlds of Neoteria.

An isolated mining settlement has come under attack and your job is to investigate the scene and find the cause of the ruckus. It won’t be an easy task as you’re going to be assaulted by scores of pixilated asteroids and enemies along the way. Playing Neoteria is as easy as tapping your thumb and you’ll do a lot of tapping as there are a lot of enemies and objects to blast out of your way. There are two different control schemes; you can fly your pixel fighter by using the onscreen up/down & fire buttons or through 360 movement aka touch to move/fire.

When you kill things or destroy objects you’ll collect little diamonds that can be used to upgrade your weapons, and you’ll need them as Neoteria can be a tough little game. There are three different difficulty settings in the game; once you complete a certain percentage of the previous level you can unlock the next one as well as a new pilot. Add in boss battles along with some scores & achievements though Openfeint and you’ve got yourself a gem of a retro shooter that’s got a little depth as well.


I always expect cool games from OrangePixel and they generally don’t disappoint. Neoteria is a slick retro shooter that’s easy to play, but difficult to master. I found it easier than some of the teams other games, but it still has a nice degree of difficulty that keeps you coming back for more. There is a free ad-supported version of the game available, and if you don’t like ads you can get it ad-free for only $2.64. If you dig retro games, I’d highly advise you pick this one up. You can get both versions of Neoteria on Google Play.

Market Link – Neoteria

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