N3V Games releases Dojo Madness for Android

N3V Games releases Dojo Madness for Android


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I’ve been a fan of N3V Games since they released a quirky little Android game called Plank’d, and earlier this week they dropped another fun game in the form of Dojo Madness. Dojo Madness puts your reflexes to the test as you have to defeat scores of vicious animals while protecting your Dojo.

Fast and Furious is a good way to describe the gameplay behind Dojo Madness, as you’ll basically stand in the center of your Dojo and defend against scores of oncoming enemies. The enemies will come at you in a line on one of 8 different paths, you can strike them with your staff when they get close or pop them with a blast of energy if they’re far away. If you feel a little overwhelmed you can block by touching your raccoon or unleash special energy attack through different types of touches. Not much to see in the extras department, but Dojo Madness does use Openfeint to keep track of your high scores and achievements.


Dojo Madness is a nice quick-play game that has slick graphics and lots of style. It’s basically a “Survival” type game where you see how long you can last against countless enemies; there isn’t much depth but it’s still a good time. There is no free version to try, but you can pick up the full version of Dojo Madness for $0.99 in the Android market.


Market Link – Dojo Madness

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