Mobilebits SoulCraft now Available for All Devices

Mobilebits SoulCraft now Available for All Devices


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SoulCraft is a slick looking Action RPG game from Mobilebits that lets you take control of Angels, Demons or Humans in an apocalyptic battle to end all battles. You probably heard of this game a little while back when it was released as a Tegra exclusive, well I’m happy to report that everyone can now enjoy the badassness known as SoulCraft.

SoulCraft is a free2play Action RPG that lets you battle in some cool real life locations including Rome, New York and Cambodia just to name a few. You’ll basically go through the stages and kill everything in site as you level up and get new weapons and spells. You collect “souls” from your kill, and as you might have guessed there’s a shop where you can buy new gear. The way the game is laid out is pretty unique as there are 5 different types of levels including time run, hellgate, crystal defense, arena, and boss battles. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of gear yet, but I’m guessing that will change soon and I did see a slot for co-op multiplayer which will be awesome when implemented.


I’ve been waiting for awhile to check out SoulCraft, and I’m happy to say it did not disappoint. I did feel a little let down as it says “play as Devils, Angels, or Humans”, but you can really on play as Angels at this time. While I only played the game briefly, it was quite a bit of fun and shows a lot of promise. If you have any issues running the game you need to keep in mind it’s still in Beta, and there may be errors on some devices. If you want to give SoulCraft a go you can pick it up for free on Google Play.


Google Play Link – SoulCraft

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