Kill Robots with Mecha-Mecha Panic! from Turbofish Games

Kill Robots with Mecha-Mecha Panic! from Turbofish Games


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Can you stop hordes of haywire robots from escaping? That’s the premise behind Turbofish Games new Android game Mecha-Mecha Panic! and if you dig robots, you’ll want to check this one out.

Mecha-Mecha Panic! is a base defense game of sort, and as soon as you fire up the game you are immediately thrown to the wolves. The only weapon at your disposal is a big, cool looking gun and you’re going to need it to take out the incoming enemy waves. Each stage has a timer up top that lets you check your progress in the level, and if you make it out alive you’ll be rewarded with a trip to the store so you can upgrade your turret.

There are a few shop power-ups available in the form of special powers, turret upgrades and fortresses; I didn’t make enough in the first few stages to buy anything, so I can’t really comment much in this area. There is no level count and the market description lists it as “endless levels” so I’m just going to go with that. There are no real options or extras are included, but there are two open spots on the main menu marked “coming soon” so I’m guessing they’ll add them shortly.


Mecha-Mecha Panic! is a fun little base defense game with slick graphics and fun gameplay, but there are some areas that definitely need to be tuned up. There should be more added to the menu with directions, high-scores or even a simple “about us” tab. The gameplay itself seems fine and is quite a bit of fun, but the game could use a little filling out. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Turbofish Games Mecha-Mecha Panic! over at Google Play for free.

Google Play Link – Mecha-Mecha Panic!

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