Kairosoft releases Japanese Restaurant Sim for Android

Kairosoft releases Japanese Restaurant Sim for Android


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We always get excited when we get some new Kairosoft news, as it’s not often there is any Kariosoft news. Well, earlier this week the company released a new Japanese game called Sheng large gourmet dining onto Google Play and it looks to be a restaurant sim and the next game we “should” get from the team.

I’m not even going to attempt to play the Japanese version although I know others do, so I’ll just give you a translated rundown of what to expect when “Sheng large gourmet dining” is released courtesy of Google translate…

Delicious restaurant management simulation game. To explore recipes and ingredients development, aim to become the No1 popular cafeteria area. Good, too good to be true… Is a delicious restaurant management simulation game to explore and development recipes and ingredients, let’s aim a popular dining area No1.Perform the installation of the first table and equipment, prepare the audience welcome. 
Audience ate food, you can give them points in the atmosphere and hospitality of the shop.

Present “toy” “table manners lecture” from the audience was wearing a high score
can offer you an new services such as “tasting beer universe” is exhaustive.
Steadily up the popularity of the shop if you heldRaising the clerk prepare a savory dish, try to satiety the stomach of everyone.
Can also multi-store operation, is a management game with plenty of crowded spear element.

As you might expect, it’s not the best translation from Google, but it’s pretty damned funny and you should get the gist of it if you’ve played any of Kariosoft’s other games.


I’m sure Sheng large gourmet dining or Restaurant Story as it might be called will be a blast and as with all of the company’s games, I’m excited to see its release. There is no date given, but Kairosoft should have something on their Facebook page right before it drops. We’re also assuming that it will drop as Kairosoft has another un-translated title that’s been sitting in the market for awhile now involving an apparel store. Either way, it’s always good to see something from the company and we’ll keep you informed when we hear anything else on either release.

Google Play Link – Sheng Large Gourmet Dining

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