Hit the Track with FMX IV Pro from Glu Mobile

Hit the Track with FMX IV Pro from Glu Mobile



Glu Mobile has already released a slew of Android games this year, and they’ve just added another to the list with a new dirt bike game called FMX IV Pro. The new game lets you hit the tracks as you try to pull off the top tricks and gain new fans along the way.

I’ll start by saying FMX IV Pro is a good looking game, and it’s also pretty easy to control compared to other dirt bike games I’ve played. How you pull off tricks is pretty interesting though as you’ll touch/hold the screen in midair to initiate “concentration mode” which slows down time and allows you to draw tricks you’ve learned on the screen. If you draw the trick correctly you’ll pull it off, but you still have to keep the bike balanced to land safely. From what I’ve seen in the demo you basically hit ramps, do tricks, and earn fans. The Demo gives you 2 locations with Texas and Spain along with a brief tutorial; Texas lets you do “show off” while Spain has you talking time-attack mode. That’s basically it for the free demo; it gives you a chance to check the game out but is pretty sparse in what it lets you see compared to the full version.


FMX IV Pro does look good, but I’m undecided on whether it’s worth getting the full game. The physics are fine and there are a few different ways to control your biker, but I just didn’t get to see enough to offer up a good opinion on the game.  If you enjoy dirt bikes, I’d definitely give it a look as FMX IV Pro might be right up your alley. You can pick up the Demo for free while the full version gives you 5 types of events, 7 locations, 20 tricks and 4 different bikes for only $0.99 cents.


Google Play – FMX IV Pro

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