Gameloft releases Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for Android

Gameloft releases Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for Android


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Gameloft fans have a reason to cheer today as the group have finally released Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for Android. Ganstar Rio has been coming out for what seems like forever now, and now that it’s finally here we get to see if it lives up the hype or is nothing but hype…

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is a 3rd person shooter in the vein of GTA; if you’ve played the other games in the “Gangstar” lineup you’ll have no trouble picking this game up and getting down to business. This edition of the franchise takes place in the streets of Rio de Janerio where you’ll get to steal cars, kill corrupt politicians, deliver packages, and cause a lot of mayhem. The game has over 60 missions to complete and as you might expect there are plenty of weapons to take out your enemies with including the explosive football. The soundtrack is pretty slick as well featuring the likes of M.I.A., Bonde do Role, and MV Bill among others. Gameloft wanted to put you into the world of Brazil, and it looks like they’ve done a damn fine job of it so thus far.


I just noticed this was out a few minutes ago, so I haven’t actually had a chance to play Ganstar Rio yet, but have it downloading (800megs) as I type. As a fan of Grand Theft Auto and similar games, I’m sure I’ll dig this one along with a lot of other folks, but it will be interesting to see how the plays out. As usual, there isn’t a free version to check out and it’s a big game so you’ll need to have some space. If you’re ready to hit the streets of Brazil you can pick up Gameloft’s Ganstar Rio: City of Saints for $6.99 on Google Play.


Google Play Link – Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

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