Behold Studios releases Save My Telly for Android

Behold Studios releases Save My Telly for Android


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Save My Telly is a quirky new Android Game from Behold Studios that has you build structures to protect a TV set. Is the TV made of gold or full of unicorns? Not that we know of, but you’re lil’ beaver is determined to keep it safe from any natural disaster that might befall it.

The TV is setup outside and your job is to protect it from the ever changing weather. Strong Winds? You’ll want to make sure your TV doesn’t blow away. Earthquakes and Aliens? Save My Telly has those covered as well, no worries. You get 9 different items to build with and you’ll need them all to combat the 8 different natural disasters headed your way. A new disaster will come every day, but thankfully you’ll get some warning to know what materials you’ll need to buy to brave the elements. There are also 60 objectives to complete; you are given 3 at a time and will get more when you knock the first set out. I didn’t see Openfeint or any extras, but I could’ve missed them as I just briefly ran through the game.


Save My Telly is a strange, but fun little game with high polish and production values. The game itself is fun, but suffers just a little bit from lack of direction. It’s not hard to figure the game out, but you still feel like you might be overlooking things at times. Overall, I really enjoyed what little time I’ve spent with the game and plan on going back and playing it some more over the coming week. If you’d like to Save a few Telly’s you can pick up Behold Studios Save My Telly on Google Play for free.


Google Play Link – Save My Telly

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