Bartender The Right Mix – Android Game Review
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Bartender The Right Mix – Android Game Review

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Everyone likes to show off their bartending skills from time to time, and there’s an Android game called Bartender The Right Mix that will let you do it from the comfort of your phone. We’re not sure if the game will make you a mix-master, but it will let you have a little fun without having a hangover.

The folks at Drunk Game have made mixing simple as you’ll just need three buttons and a finger to mix a masterpiece. When you start the game you’ll see a wall of drinks, some lemons and a bucket of ice along with a set of 3 buttons and your trusty bartender. There are no directions to the game that I could see, you simply choose your liquor, add the ingredients of your choice and serve it up whatever way you think is best. The bartender will let you know if you’ve mixed the bomb or a bomb, and you’ll get some comical reactions based on how good your drink is. You get a score based on how well you did then it’s off to mix another drink.

There are quite a few ingredients to choose from in Bartender The Right Mix as you’ll get 20 different liquids covering everything from Cognac and Absinthe to Vodka and Tonic Water. You can add ice and lemons, but those are the only garnishments I noticed. You can mix quite a few drinks if you know the recipes with the ingredients given, but there’s not a lot of depth to it otherwise. The game has no extras, options or even a local high-score table which is bit of a disappointment; why bother giving scores if there’s no way to track them locally or otherwise?


Bartender The Right Mix is a nice time-waster with a cool vibe and fun graphics. That being said, it suffers from two things… ads and lack of depth or direction. The ads are a constant and while they won’t screw up your gameplay it does cover up text on the screen after you get your score from mixing a drink. As for the depth, mixing drinks is fun but gets old pretty quickly after you’ve mixed everything you can think of. It’s definitely not a bad game as it’s quite a bit of fun to play in short bursts, but it would be a really good game if they took the concept a little farther. If you want to try your luck at bartending you can pick up Bartender The Right Mix on Google Play for free.

Google Play Link – Bartender The Right Mix

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Rating: 3.8/10 (4 votes cast)
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Bartender The Right Mix – Android Game Review, 3.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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