Bank Robbing made Fun with N3V’s HEIST The Score for Android

Bank Robbing made Fun with N3V’s HEIST The Score for Android


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A sexy name Android game hit the market this morning called HEIST The Score from N3V Games. HEIST puts you into the role of a bank robber that’s out to liberate banks in the 1920’s America, but just like in the movies things don’t always go as planned.

HEIST The Score is more than just a simple first person shooter; this little game has got a lot going on. You get plenty of weapons and tools that can be used to gut the bank and it’s got destructible environments which is very, very cool. The production values are also very high as you’ll quickly see in the games cut-scenes and its use of voice acting. As for the shootouts… well, it’s pretty safe to say they are action packed and you’ll get to blast away with your Tommy Gun as you do whatever it takes to clear the vault and escape with the loot.


We knew this one was coming, and I for one am glad its here as who doesn’t love a good shootem’ up bank robbing game. I’ve not been able to give HEIST The Score a full run-through yet, but from the brief time I spent with the game I can tell ya’ it’s pretty damned awesome and it’s a steal at only $0.99 cents. You can check back for a full review of the game in a few days or click the link below to head to the Android market and pick it up now.


Market Link – HEIST The Score

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