YoYo Games releases Froad for Android

YoYo Games releases Froad for Android


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YoYo Games has long been one of my personal favorite game developers with quirky titles like Karoshi and They Need to be fed. The folks at YoYo have just released a family friendly game called Froad that lets you control a hungry little frog/toad…

Froad is basically a tap-to-catch game you take control of the frogtoad and catch bugs with your tongue. The more bugs you catch, the longer you’ll last but you’ll have to bee-ware of bees as they’ll give Froad indigestion. There are a couple of worlds to play through with night and day cycles and quite a few achievements to unlock as well.


I haven’t gotten a chance to give this one a go yet, but YoYo’s games are generally pretty slick so I’m assuming this one will follow the rest. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of depth there, but it looks like a nice, family friendly quick play game. I plan on giving the game a closer look, and will have a short review up tomorrow. Until then you can check out Froad in the Android market for $1.09.


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