Tournesol releases Cannonbowl for Android

Tournesol releases Cannonbowl for Android


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Developer Tournesol has put out a few cool Android Apps with their Tablet Remote and Rocking Shortcuts app, but they just jumped into the game department with a new release called Cannonbowl. It’s a very cool new puzzle game, and it’s a game that proves you don’t have to be flashy to be fun…

The premise behind Cannonball has you firing your trusty cannon to clear the white balls from each level, but it’s not as simple as knocking them off the screen. When you hit a ball it will start to slowly implode and any ball it bumps into will do the same setting off a chain reaction of sorts. You’re given a certain number of shots per level and the levels themselves vary quite a bit as you progress through the game. In the first 10 levels I’ve experienced black holes, corridors, wind, and moving targets just to name a few. Cannonbowl runs off the 3-star system where you’ll get 1 to 3 stars based on your score, and your score is tabulated based on balls used and the number of chains you can pull off. There are no achievements or extras to speak of but you can try for a perfect 3-star run.


The graphics are simple, but look great and I really enjoyed the little effects going on in the background of each level. I also liked the music and sound effects which really fit the game to a tee. The gameplay is just as solid as the rest of the game, and as a whole Cannonbowl is a joy to play. There is a free version of the game with 20 levels to try while the full version gives you the full 56 for only $0.99. You can get both versions of Tournesol’s Cannonbowl in the Android market.


Market Link – Cannobowl Lite

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