Top 10 Android Games of the Week – February 19, 2012

Top 10 Android Games of the Week – February 19, 2012


We’re back on track this week with another edition of our best picks from the wild world of the Android market. Whether you like shooters, sports, puzzles or sneezing there’s a little something for everyone this week as we start to bring the month to a close. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Android Games of the Week for February 19, 2012…

1. Baseball Superstars 2012

Every year there are a few games I “know” are coming out, and I got to see one of those last week with Gamevil’s Baseball Superstars 2012. The newest iteration of their baseball staple has updated graphics along with new characters, and a few other nice additions. It’s part baseball game and part sim; either way you choose to play it the game is a whole lot of fun. You can get Gamevil’s Baseball Superstars for free in the Android market.

2. Sneezies

Achoo! That’s something you’re going to hear a lot of in a new game from Retro Dreamer called Sneezies. The Sneezies are colorful little characters that have become trapped in bubbles, your job is to help them get free by throwing a little sneezing powder into the mix which causes quite the chain reaction. The game has multiple game modes, 50+ levels, and lots of colorful little sneezies. It’s a fun new bubble-popper that you can pick up for free in the market.

3, Paladog

A slick little game called Paladog crept into the market a few weeks back and somehow remained under my radar until a few days ago. FazeCat Co. has put out a crazy looking game that lets you control Paladog as he battles his way past the demons of hell to gain control back of Critterland. As bizarre as the premise may sound, the game is solid and a blast to play. I plan on spending some more time with this little gem in the coming days and will give a more in-depth report towards the end of the week. No free version is available, but you can pick up the full version of Paladog for $1.99.

4. Monster Shooter

Gamelion Studios dropped a new dual-stick shooter into the market this week called Monster Shooter and it’s by far the best looking “free” 2D shooter I’ve played in quite some time. You’re on a quest to rescue your cat from some evil aliens and it’s going to be a bloody battle as you take out swarms of aliens with weapons ranging from shotguns to nukes. This action-packed game has a lot of levels, plenty of weapons and more aliens than you can shake a stick at. You can check out Monster Shooter for free in the Android market.

5. Azkend

Azkend is a new puzzler from 10Tons Ltd that takes gamers on a trip to the magical (and puzzling) world of Azkend. It’s not your typical match this – swap that puzzler either as Azkend has a storyline, beautiful backdrops and top-notch gameplay. If you dig puzzles you’ll definitely want to check this one out. You can pick up Azkend for free in the Android market.

6. Soldiers of Glory: WW2

Cat Studio has put out some good games over the past year with titles like Crayon Cannon and Galaxy Wars Tower Defense. Well, they struck again this week with a new Android game called Soldiers of Glory: WW2 and it looks to be another solid title from the Studio. It’s a Tower Defense game that takes a page from RPG’s in the way you upgrade and level up your units. I only got to spend a few minutes with the game, but so far it looks to be a winner. There are free and paid versions of the game available; both can be found in the Android market.


BZRK is a new Android game that lets you fight within a brain as you try to undo the damage a faction of naughty nanobots has done to the brain of man. You’ve got to head into the brain, repair the damage and get out alive or risk another human becoming just another mindless slave. Great concept and a great looking game from the folks at The Shadow Gang. You can get BZRK in the Android market for free.

8. Sims FreePlay

Electronic Arts gave gamers a treat this week when they released a free to play version of their popular Sims franchise for Android. The Sims FreePlay lets you create up to 16 sims and live out your virtual dream as you build a home, get a job and do all the little things that make up life. It’s a big download coming in at a whopping 600 megs, so make sure you’ve got enough space before giving the game a go. As the name implies you can pick up The Sims FreePlay in the Android market for free.

9. One Epic Game

Choose a weapon and race through the levels while killing anything and everything. That’s the premise behind the awesomely titled One Epic Game from Grip Games. You’ve got to save the world from an Alien invasion in the middle of a Zombie outbreak. If that’s not enough you’ve also got to deal with World War II as you blast through the levels in this over the top action game. There will be a full review up of this one shortly, until then you can head on over to the market and check out One Epic Game for free.

10. Cheese Tower

Ever wondered what a tower made of Cheese would look like? Me neither, but you’ll find out in a new game from Terran Droid called Cheese Tower. This block stacking game has you trying to keep your mountain of cheese safe as you try to remove mouse blocks without toppling the tower. It’s a fun little time-killer that’s family friendly and easy to play. You can check out Cheese Tower for free in the Android market.

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