The Game Bakers Unleash SQUIDS into the Android Market

The Game Bakers Unleash SQUIDS into the Android Market


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SQUIDS is a wild new Android game from The Game Bakers that puts you in control of a group of Squids that are out to save the world from a nasty black ooze. The game takes elements of RPG games, adds in some strategy, and tops everything off with a nice dose of action. Is it fun to play? No doubt, and we’ve got no doubt that you’re going to love SQUIDS as much as we do…

There’s a lot going on in SQUIDS, so we’re just going to give you a brief rundown and save the rest for the full review. You basically put together a team of SQUIDS at your base, outfit them to your liking and send them off to do some turn-based battling. The physics come into play as you move your squids around the levels by pulling on their tentacles and letting them fly. That’s also how you’ll attack, but different squids have different strengths and weaknesses that you’ll want to pay attention to.  The game has 21 levels and an end stage; I’m not sure how “long” the game is, but plan on finding out soon as it’s an awesome game that I look forward to spending some time with.


In my brief time with the game I could see no real flaws in the presentation; the graphics, sound effects, and gameplay are all top-notch. They’ve done a great job with the game and it really shows in every area. That being said, I was able to breeze through the first three levels easily so I’m not sure how much depth there is yet. Either way, it’s a very cool game and well worth checking out. Check back in a few days for a full review of the game, until then you can head on over to the market and pick up SQUIDS for free.


Market Link – SQUIDS

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