Terran Droid releases Cheese Tower for Android

Terran Droid releases Cheese Tower for Android


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Cheese Tower is a new block stacking game from Terran Droid that puts you to work separating the mice from the cheese. I’ve enjoyed a few of the other block stacking games that are out there, so when I noticed Cheese Tower in the market I knew I had to take it for a spin and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Your goal in Cheese Tower is to break all the “mouse” blocks while saving as many cheese blocks as you can. The blocks are stacked into different configurations on a platform, and you’ll need to tactically remove the mouse blocks without knocking off the cheese. The blocks are removed by tapping; it’s a very simple (and fun) setup that most of us have seen before. You’re given 3 cheese lives to start each stage and lose one every time a piece falls off the platform. Any or all of the cheese you’ve got left from the 3 you started with is added up and goes towards unlocked the next cheesy channel in the game. Cheese Tower’s levels come in four different flavors with Kids, Normal, Expert, and Insane. There are 25 levels in the first world so I’m guessing the others have at least that many as well. There aren’t any real extras to speak of, but the amount of levels and degree of difficulty should keep gamers busy for awhile.


Cheese Tower is a great addition to Terran Droids lineup and a fun game to play. The overall theme of the game is great, it has some very slick graphics and the soundtrack fits the game to a tee. It’s family friendly and simple to pick up and play, if you’d like to give Cheese Tower a try you can get it in the Android market for free.

Market Link – Cheese Tower

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